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Top 4 Reasons Exchange District Condos will be a Highly Profitable Investment

The Exchange District Condos is a Master Planned Condo Community located in downtown Mississauga. This Transportation Oriented Community is a Mixed-Use development project now in pre-construction and will be located at 151 City Centre Drive in the Mississauga City Centre neighbourhood. The community will be located on a 3-acre property and will consist of 4 towers each 60 storeys tall plus an abundance of amenities. Exchange District Condos is offered by veteran property developer Camrost Felcorp. The project’s occupancy date is set for 2023.

These are the top 4 reasons why you should invest in Exchange District Condos

Exchange District Condos Mississauga

Mississauga City Centre Is An Emerging Real Estate Market With High Return On Investment Potential

So what are the best property markets for investing in? Undoubtedly they’re Emerging Property Markets.

2 Aspects Of Emerging Condo Markets

This type of market offers 2 things essential for maximizing profitability:

  1. Lower Purchase Price – properties in these real estate markets are priced lower relative to nearby more expensive and more mature markets.
  2. High Long Term Growth Potential – there are clear indications today that the area’s residential real estate is poised for high yet steady growth over the next 20 years and beyond.

Mississauga City Centre certainly fits the Lower Purchase Price aspect of an Emerging Market as average condo prices here are far less than in Toronto. This is very important because lower prices translate into affordability. Greater affordability translates into greater demand from renters.

Why Exchange District Condos Will Offer High Return On Investment

Mississauga has High Long Term Growth Potential because it’s now becoming a city unto itself. Previously being a commuter suburb of Toronto, Mississauga has become a dominant provider of jobs and a leader in sound fiscal growth, thereby becoming highly competitive with Toronto for attracting many of the 100,000+ people immigrating to Toronto/GTA every year. Mississauga’s close proximity to Toronto also attracts many people wanting to move from Toronto due to its increasingly unaffordable housing.

Mississauga also has Pearson Airport (Canada’s largest) plus an abundance of industrial and office development for employment. The Exchange District Condos is located within 10 minutes of most of the Western GTA’s major highways. Mississauga’s public transportation system is among the most robust of any of Toronto’s suburbs, which is another reason many people will choose Mississauga over Toronto’s other suburbs.

A great Transportation Infrastructure is one of the main reasons Mississauga has great long-term growth potential as I’ll explain below.

Very Close Proximity To Mississauga City Centre’s Central Transit Terminal

The quality (or lack thereof) of a region’s Transportation Infrastructure greatly influences local property values. That infrastructure includes the quality and quantity of public transportation, local roads and highways. Why are property values so affected by transportation? Because quality transportation means Accessibility and Convenience, both of which are highly sought after by both businesses and consumers in any real estate market.

Mississauga is also developing more efficient modes of public transportation than Toronto. It’s fledgling Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system operates express buses with dedicated lanes and far fewer stops than conventional buses. Mississauga’s upcoming 18KM Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system also operates on a dedicated railway and is being built for one third the cost of a subway in far less time.

Why A Transportation Oriented Community Offers High Return On Investment

I want to quote an important Transportation Infrastructure report called “The Toronto Transportation Effect” from Canada’s Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Here are some very important stats from that report related to the two key metrics for investment properties:

Looking north at Hurontario St/Highway 401 interchange
  • Capital Appreciation – “Transportation Infrastructure delivers a 10-20% enhancement of real estate values within 800 metres of a station or highway access”
  • Rental Income – “Transportation improvements deliver between 10%-46% enhancement of real estate rents in proximity to a station”

The Exchange District Condos is located only 750 metres from the Mississauga City Centre Terminal, Mississauga’s equivalent of Toronto’s Union Station. This terminal will also house the main hub of the brand new Hurontario Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line now under construction, the western GTA’s first LRT. All this bodes very well for Exchange District’s Capital Appreciation and Rental Income over the long term.

Exchange District Is A Master Planned Condo Community

“Millennials and Baby Boomers are driving the change in urban planning to that of walkability, density and mixed-use space where work, play, and transportation access are all at the doorstep … as an investor in real estate, if you cannot purchase a property near a transit station, it is recommended that you purchase a property where a tenant need not commute to work. In other words, more and more people of all walks of life and demographics are wanting to work, live and play in their neighbourhood. The rise Transportation Oriented Communities (TOCs) and Multi-Zoned Developments support this (re)-emerging value”

REIN’s “Toronto Transportation Effect” Report

Exchange District’s Amenities

As a Master Planned Condo Community Exchange District Condos will span 1.8 million square feet of residential condominium, retail, office, and recreational space. The community will consist of 4 condo buildings (including a hotel) and 20,000 square feet of office and retail space.

Building & Community Amenities
  • Retail
    • Grocery Store, Cafe & Restaurant all with direct access from building lobbies
    • Rooftop Sky Restaurant
    • Beer Garden
  • Social
    • Ground Floor Lounges with double-height ceilings
    • Outdoor Mid Level & Rooftop Lounges each with BBQs, Communal Dining Area
    • Outdoor Movie Screen, Lounge & Fireplace
    • Games Room and Lounge
    • Private Social Gathering Rooms with Exclusive Outdoor Space
    • Private Dining Rooms
    • Event Spaces with Outdoor Terraces
    • Extensive Outdoor Public Piazza
  • Athletics & Productivity
    • Gymnasium with 360 Degree Running Track
    • Basketball Half-Court
    • Yoga Studio
    • Indoor Pool with jacuzzi
    • Co-Working Spaces with Board Rooms
    • High Speed Wired/WiFi Private Internet throughout the community
    • Pet Wash & Spa
  • Storage & Security
    • 24/7 On-Site Concierge
    • Cold Storage Room for Food Delivery
    • Spacious Parcel Room
    • Resident Wine Storage
    • Storage Lockers
    • On-Site Parking

Mississauga City Centre’s Amenities

Square One Shopping Centre Front

The Exchange District will be complemented by the fantastic retail offerings of next door Square One. As Ontario’s 2nd largest shopping mall it offers 360+ stores spanning 2.2 million square feet less that’s a 2 minute walk away. Square One’s key stores are a Walmart Supercentre, Hudson’s Bay, Simons, Holt Renfrew, and Sport Chek.

The Mississauga City Centre neighborhood offers a rich array of cultural resources including the Mississauga Central Library (the city’s largest library), Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus, Cineplex Theatre with 13 screens, the Art Gallery Of Mississauga, Living Arts Centre, Playdium Amusement Centre, and many more. An abundance of corporate offices, parks, schools and hospitals are all located near the Mississauga City Centre including the University of Toronto’s Mississauga (UTM) Campus plus the Credit Valley and Credit River.

Exchange District Condos is an A+ investment because it offers the best of both worlds: a super convenient Master Planned Condo Community with tons of on-site amenities plus hundreds more next door at Square One, plus being a highly accessible Transportation Oriented Community with the western GTA’s central transit station just a short walk away for quickly and inexpensively getting you anywhere in the Mississauga area and beyond.

Camrost Felcorp, Exchange District Condos’ Developer, Has A Rock-Solid Track Record

Perhaps the most overlooked consideration with condominium investing is developer competency. A growing number of condo projects have been cancelled in the Toronto area in recent years. They’ve typically been from newer property developers who lack the development experience or financials for successfully completing projects. These cancellations cause buyers in these projects to totally lose out on tens (sometimes hundreds) of thousands on capital appreciation accrued during the pre-construction period. Therefore, I’m increasingly selective with which developers I recommend to my investor clients.

So I created a 15 point developer due diligence checklist I use for assessing each developer’s ability to deliver a condo project. You can find this checklist in my 300 page book “Investing In Condominiums: Strategies, Tips & Expert Advice For The Canadian Real Estate Investor”.

On my checklist is one of the biggest tests of a developer: the test of time. Exchange District Condos’ developer certainly gets an A+ here. Camrost Felcorp has a 44 year history of development. Their portfolio includes over 70 buildings including 13,000 residences and more than 2 million square feet of office and retail space. Today they have over $2 billion in projects currently in development including 6 residential projects.

Experience in developing Master Planned Communities is also something I look for in condo developers for any new condo project. In fact, such experience is absolutely non-negotiable if a developer’s current project offering is a multi-phase, mixed-use community.

Camrost Felcorp has been developing Master Planned Communities for 30 years, long before condominiums became widely accepted by the public. Over the years Camrost has developed a total of 5 multi-phase condo projects in Toronto spanning 12 towers including the 3 landmark Marina Del Ray towers in Toronto west’s waterfront. Thus Exchange District Condos’ 4 towers marks Camrost Felcorp’s largest residential condo project to date.

Interested In Exchange District Condos? Here’s What To Do Next If you’re interested in buying in Exchange District Condos and want some advice on what unit will make the best investment (floor number, unit orientation, floor plan, unit size, upgrade options and other factors all come into play) feel free to fill out the below form for a zero pressure consultation.

As a realtor I have access to unit inventory for my clients before the general public can buy direct from the developer. This gives you a huge advantage because having more unit options to choose from means you’ll more likely be able to reserve a unit that has the best investment potential.

Also, by RSVPing now I can keep you aware of when each phase of Exchange District Condos will launch, and send you alerts about new inventory releases and promos.

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