Niagara Falls

Are you looking for an opportunity to invest in the Niagara Region? You’ve found the right place! Check out our latest condominium projects and discover the best condo that is suited for your needs and wants! Don’t let go of this opportunity to own a space in one of the finest regions in Ontario, the Niagara Region. This is perfect for investors, families and anyone looking for a comfortable and safe place to stay.

Latest Projects

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Come and bask at the grandeur of this vibrant community at Stanley District Condos an enclave that showcases an array of units built to fit your trend setter lifestyle. The Stanley District Condos is a mix-use and mid-rise condominium project by La Pue International that consists of two towers 7 & 30 story high. The first tower will showcase a 7 story high contemporary architectural design with 65 units with brilliantly designed interiors to suit the taste of each investor and is located along Ferry St. and Stanley avenue.

Come and be a part of this grand collection of condos by Mountainview Building Group. Lavish on the intricate designs and amenities of One Twenty Condominium and be a part of an extravagant new community in Fonthill, Ontario. Located in Regional Road 20 and Hurricane road  in the town of Pelham, Ontario one can immediately see a variety of pre-construction establishments that will surround the development.



Wineries Around Niagara Falls

Are you a wine lover? Well, you’ve probably heard that Niagara is known as one of the most acclaimed grape-growing and winemaking regions in Ontario. We’ve featured some wineries around Niagara Falls just in case you’re craving some adventure and wines!

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