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The Exchange District Condos – What is so interesting

The Exchange District Condos: The leader of Square One Condos

Retail hub, thriving business center, culturally rich, education hub, and central transportation hub, easily accessible – these are just some of the words to describe the urban masterpiece of the Square One Condos. The Exchange District Mississauga is a combination of residential, business, and retail that has been meticulously planned in order to provide an optimal quality of life for the growing community.

Square One has traditionally been associated with Square One Shopping

Daylight image of the Skyline of Mississauga as it looked in 2016. Square one where The District Exchange is located in the heart of this area.

Center, the second largest shopping centre in Canada. In the past few years, Square One has evolved into the downtown core of Peel Region by housing 70+ fortune 500 companies, being the home to a new Sheridan College-University campus, and interconnecting transportation to other cities via LRT.

And this is only the beginning! There are several plans to expand, create, and redefine the efficiency of a mixed use community. This is the perfect area for living the urban lifestyle, at a fraction of the cost of Toronto.

Exchange District Condos is the destination for easy commuting, renowned schools, opportunity to work steps from your home, and have an amazing social life!

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience !

This is an image of the proposed "The Exchange District Condos - Tower" on a bright sunny day. The tower is about 400 meters away and the sunlight is really lighting up the image. Photographer is in the shadow of another building ( not in the image )

The Exchange District Condos: Commuting

The Exchange condos are centrally located for easy access to the major hi-ways, making it the ideal public transportation hub for Mississauga.

The streets are designed to alleviate traffic congestion, making commuting a breeze. MiWay connects to other parts of Mississauga, GO Transit to other main destination points, and the new LRT will provide rapid transit to Toronto, and neighbouring cities.

Imagine living where you can still drive your car without major traffic congestion, and take public transportation to Toronto in 20 minutes! It is the best of both worlds. In addition to this, parking is not an issue to Square One condo residents as it is in other downtown cores.

The area has been designed to accommodate the growing population, and to maintain the ease of transportation. Whether you choose to drive or commute, you will enjoy the convenience of a centrally located community of The Exchange District Mississauga. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to work steps from your home making your commute a walk in the park! You will be able to walk the kids to school, and then walk your way to work!

Amazing Schools: From Elementary to University all in the Exchange District Condos Mississauga area

Your children can grow in the community with their friends from kindergarten straight to University and create solid, long lasting friendships. There are many options including public, private, and faith-based schools in the area.

Steps from The Exchange Condos Mississauga you have bountiful resources to pursue education for yourself if you wish to do so. Sheridan College-University offers both academic and trade courses. From a diploma, to a degree, up to a doctorate can be achieved all within the Exchange District Mississauga.

The Exchange District Condos: Retail at your doorstep

The Square One Shopping Center is the second largest retail mall in Canada. There is literally something for everyone! Adults, children, and even pets will enjoy the variety offered.

Recently, there has been expansion to create a wing for the high end stores (Armani, Versace, Gucci, etc) if that is your cup of tea. There are even big box stores such as Walmart, and The Bay to fulfill all of your needs. There are many speciality pop up shops that visit the shopping center as well.

The Exchange District Condos: Endless Food Options

The Exchange District is so diverse that it has almost any cultural food option that you can think of within a small radius. Whether it’s shawarma, burritos, burgers, butter chicken, sushi, pizza, pho, or kung pao chicken — it is all there! If you don’t feel like going out, everything is available in the Square One Condo area for delivery!

You will never see the words ‘not available in your area’ in the Exchange District Mississauga! Some of the popular fast food spots include Ozzy’s Burgers for delicious homemade burgers; Smokes Poutinerie for the best poutine in the Square One Condos area; and Osmow’s shawarma which is open late for your late night shawarma cravings!

The Exchange District Condos: Grocery Stores

There are many big box, and specialty grocery stores in the area. There are the big stores such as Walmart. There are speciality health food stores such as Whole Foods. There are also cultural speciality stores just around the corner of the Exchange District Condos which offer Caribbean, Indian, Latin, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and many other cultural grocery options.

The Exchange District Condos: Daycares and Drop-in Centers

There are many day care options in the Exchange District Condo area including Kids & Company which is a very reputable nurturing atmosphere for your children.

There are also drop-in activities offered at the YCMA branch located by the Central Library. The Central Library offers many family activities including family story time. There are also drop-in activities for babies starting at six months.

There are even classes for the elderly to learn new skills such as computer skills. The majority of these classes are free for Mississauga residents!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle near square one condos

This is essential to every family. There are bountiful resources in the Exchange District Mississauga to help you meet your needs and maintain a healthy family.

Stay Active

Whether you prefer the gym, or greenspace, there are options for both in the Exchange District. Goodlife fitness and YMCA offers the classic gym experience along with many group fitness classes. F4S provides a team approach using boot camp style fitness training. The possibilities are endless!

Fitness in the area of Square one condos

Residents of the Mississauga condos can benefit from free yoga, boot camp, Zumba, and even children’s fitness offered in Celebration Square in the summer. The group classes are offered in the evening and are family friendly! This is a fun way for Mississauga condo residents to stay fit!

The Exchange District: Designated Bike Lanes

This is a feature that is implemented throughout the Exchange District Mississauga. This promotes clean air commuting options while getting some exercise in a safe way.

Green Spaces near Square One Condos, Mississauga

One of the most renowned parks in the area is Kariya Park which is well known for its springtime cherry blossoms. This is a popular selfie spot as there are bridges, waterways, and beautiful trees that makes the city life feel serene!

Healthy Retail Options

The Exchange District Mississauga is home to one of the most reputable organic food store, Whole Foods. This is a one stop shop for all of your healthy grocery needs. There is also a Nutrition House in the Square One Shopping Center for additional natural supplement needs.

Square One Condos Mississauga: Doctors, Dentists, and Specialists

One thing that is amazing about the Square One condo area is the abundance of health care providers. There are many walk in clinics, and family doctor options. All of which have high ratings on the medical review websites. The wait times are often minimal for the walk-in clinics as there are many options to choose from.

Trillium and Credit Valley Hospital

The Exchange District Condos are approximately 5km from both hospitals. This is highly beneficial should there be a need.

The Exchange District Condos: Entertainment & Culinary Experiences

Dine at one of the many renowned restaurants, all within meters from the Exchange Condos.

Fine Dining near Square One Condos

The new Food District offers many high end restaurants right in your backyard. One notable one is Jamie’s Italian which is the restaurant by the world renowned chef Jamie Oliver. This food here is amazing ! Another personal favourite, is Scaddabush. They offer fresh mozzarella made

Culinary Experiences

The Exchange District Mississauga offers many culinary experiences that are exclusive to the Square One area.

In the past, there have been events such as the Serge Ibaka cooking show.

Serge Ibaka, Markieff Morris (26715101498) (cropped).jpg
Serge Ibaka

The Raptors star shared his cooking experience and cooked a meal for his fans!

There is also the Mississauga Rib Fest which takes place in Celebration Square.

Many of these events happen throughout the year. They are fun for the whole family!

The Rec Room in square one condos

The Rec Room is an enormous eat and play experience like no other. It offers video games, axe throwing, bowling, pool, ping pong, and redemption games.

It is fun for the whole family (until 11pm) then it turns into a fun nigh life experience for 19+. You will never get bored in the Exchange District Mississauga with all of these options!


Playdium is a huge complex offering video games, go karts, batting cages, and food for all ages.

Image of the Massive New Playdium Location - near The Exchange District Mississauga

Kids will never get bored here! You win tickets that you can exchange for prizes, making it extra exciting for the little ones. There are also daily specials so you can cash in on some weekday fun at a great deal for the whole family.

The Exchange District Condos: Celebration Square

Sunny day, off in the distance, 300 meters is the Mississauga Civic Centre. All of this not far from square one where the exchange district is located.

Celebration Square offers many family friendly activities. Centrally located in front of City Hall, there is a skating rink in the winter time which turns into green space in the summer.

The summer offers movie nights on the giant projector, family game night, karaoke nights, and many food festivals. There are often concerts, and the big New Years’ Eve bash featured on Global TV!

There are sports events televised on the big screen, and children’s toys available! There is usually always something going on here!

The Exchange District Condos: Cineplex Movie Theater

Catch a movie anytime with the theater within walking distance of the Exchange District Mississauga. Something to do for the whole family!


This is a popular spot to grab a coffee and browse your favourite books. The Indigo store often holds book readings both for children, and adults. It is always a fun time here!

The Exchange District Condos: Nightlife

Within the square one area there is a well-known night club called &Co. They operate as a restaurant in the evening and then converts into a club at night. The beautiful rooftop patio attracts a vibrant crowd.

The Complete Guide • The Exchange District Condos Night life

The line is typically very long to get into this exclusive club, so being a resident of the Square One condo area you could save on the Uber, and walk over to avoid lines! There is also the Bier Market, and Falites Irish Pub, both have live bands on the weekends and offer a more casual nightlife.

Opportunity to have a thriving career steps from your home

Mississauga is home to 70+ fortune 500 companies, and is also attracting many other head offices to reside in the city. The area is attractive to these companies as the area is centrally located, easily accessible, and has financial benefits compared to leasing office space in Downtown Toronto. This is a great incentive for a professional to reside in this area. There is an abundance of opportunity for career development right outside your door step.

The Exchange District Condos: Entrepreneurship

If you are thinking of starting your own business, or already own a business, the Exchange District is an ideal location.

Two Mississauga Towers
Exchange District: Entrepreneurship

The population is expected to grow, and the city is investing to make this an evolutionary Downtown Core of Mississauga.

Imagine having the productivity and sales potential as Downtown Toronto, but much less operational costs.

This is just one of the benefits of growing along with a City.

As the Square One Condo area grows, so will your business potential. Just being a part of this innovative city will provide self-marketing for your business and grow your earning potential.

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